Use a text message to amplify customer feedback

With a 90% completion rate, we provide a better experience for your customers and allow you to get feedback faster with our live dashboard. That way you can react faster than your competitors.

Less than 1% of your customers take customer surveys. Chatter research powers retail and hospitality locations to have 8x the response rate by engaging shoppers in a conversational survey via text message.

It’s time to stop guessing and start chatting. Learn what your customers are thinking as soon as they exit the store.

Meet the Team

Simon Foster


Wesley Nelson


Greg MacCharles

Head of Research

Julie Hope

Operations and Finance

Andrea Rankine

VP Strategic Accounts

Nicholas Chan

UI/UX Designer

Chase Mueller

UI/UX Designer

Raghav Bagla

Software Developer

Ahmed Benchekroun

Software Developer

Aster Tewolde

Marketing Lead

Wangari Kiarie

Research Assistant

Justin Kim

Data Analyst

Karen Wong

Data Analyst