Why The Future of Feedback is SMS

It’s official: Cell phones have changed the game.

These pocket-sized PCs are shifting the way we think, the way we shop, and the way we communicate. Businesses are scrambling to better serve this new generation of mobile consumers. We need actionable insights to make the right changes – real feedback from real people who have experience with our brand.

And if there is one thing we know about those people, it’s that they like to text. Recent research shows an increased dependency on cell phones and text messaging. The shift is making businesses rethink quite a few things, including how they gather data from their customers.

When it comes to connecting with consumers, text messaging just works. Here’s what that means for the future of customer feedback systems.

Facts About SMS: The Shift To Mobile is Serious Business

Cell phones play a growing role in our daily lives, and text messaging is a big deal for B2C communications. Here’s why:

    • Almost everyone has a cell phone: No, that’s not an overstatement. Recent research shows that 95% of Americans own and use a cell phone. No matter who you’re getting in touch with, mobile is almost always the way to do it.
    • In fact, many people ONLY communicate with their cell phone: As wifi costs rise, people are turning to their smartphones as an alternative to personal computers. As of 2015, 10% of Americans had a smartphone with dat but no other form of high-speed internet access in their homes. Up to 19% characterized themselves as “smartphone dependent”. If it’s not mobile-friendly, your customer feedback system is missing out on nearly 1 in 5 people. And forget call-in surveys to homeowners – half of all households have ditched their landlines
    • The most common use for a cell phone is text messaging: 97% of smartphone users text on a daily basis, making it the most widely used application on mobile phones today.
    • Today’s young adults grew up texting: In 2011, Pew Research found that the average person sent 41.5 text messages per day, while those aged 18 to 24 averaged 109.5 texts per day. That was 6 years ago. The young people in that study are now rounding age 30, and they continue to send a large number of text messages every day. Text messaging is here to stay, and will only grow in importance as digital natives age.

Why SMS Surveys are the Best Way to Collect Customer Feedback

We know people use mobile phones and text messaging a lot. What does that say about the prospect of collecting customer feedback through SMS? Here are just a few of the advantages.

SMS surveys encourage a large number of responses. The data says it all. Text messaging is ubiquitous, trustworthy, and easily accessible. Responding to questions via text is natural and convenient for people, resulting in an 800% increase in response rates compared to traditional feedback collection.

SMS surveys are immediate. Let’s face it – emails asking for feedback weeks after you visited a business are annoying. These systems lead to low response rates, stale data, and missed opportunities. Text messaging surveys, on the other hand, connect with customers the minute they walk out the door.

SMS surveys are comfortable. In a world where we do most of our shopping, researching, and informal communication via mobile devices, communicating with a business via text message is comfortable. Text messaging is quick, easy, and unobtrusive. SMS surveys are also short and to-the-point, making it easy for a customer to tap a few buttons and get on with their day.

How to Implement SMS Surveys in Your Business

Text messaging allows you to access almost every single customer in a way that works for them. To businesses looking to ditch the low-performing survey prompts at the bottom of their receipts, that sounds pretty great. But how do you even begin implementing such a system?

Enter Chatter Research. This intuitive customer feedback system collects text messages from your customers and crunches the data in real time. It’s a simple enough concept: Your customers text their feedback, your frontline receives it, and you become a stronger business by making informed changes.

It all starts with a simple text message. Learn more about how Chatter Research can help you engage and delight our customers by texting “Hi” to 647-556-4700.